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10 de octubre de 2020

Food Truck Tyrolean cuisine - the original gastronomic trailer

22.000 €

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  • Precio: 22.000 €

OPPORTUNITY! Original, German food truck in the style of a Tyrolean restaurant with double equipment that will allow you to run your dream kitchen! A few years ago, the German cried as he sold. In an original Tyrolean food truck with a beautiful, richly decorated facade, Bratwursts, fried mushrooms and cauliflower were prepared. He belonged to one family specializing in feeding guests at German fairs, Kirmes. He has been operating in Poland for several years. We did not torment him with crossings - he worked in one place, in the amusement park, gaining power from children's joy. Due to the reconstruction of the park, it must be a place for new attractions, although we will also cry, selling! In Poland, it has been adapted for fast food. Large pans were replaced by deep fryers and microwaves, there was also a casserole stove. EQUIPMENT EQUIPMENT SETS, BOTH POLISH, AND GERMAN, YOU WILL GIVE YOU THE PRICE OF FOOD TRUCKA! The food truck is illuminated with a few hundred lights, which give an amazing effect and climate in the evenings and on cloudy days. Anyone who sees them wants to warm up in the glow of the warm, bright light of the lamps. It is incredibly comfortable. Easy to deploy by two people, it gives you the opportunity to prepare and sell many products and very fast service. The trailer is registered, ready for the road. Hydraulic chassis: you press the button and the chassis components themselves, very lightly, come out from under the body. We highly recommend it - we are sure that the business with this trailer will be a gold mine for the new owner, because it is a real gem that stands out from millions of nondescript trailers. Production year: 2006 Tonnage of the trailer: 7900 kg Hitch: ball. Dimensions after unfolding: Length: 800 cm Width: 610 cm Height: about 600 cm Price: 22000 euro

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